A Dandelion Eowyn Blouse for Summer

Today’s post features my latest completed knit, the Eowyn Blouse by Fabel Knitwear.

Yes, it is yet another Fabel Knitwear pattern! I think this is the forth pattern that I have knitted by Fabel Knitwear, and the fifth garment (I knitted two Juniper Jackets, see this post here for one of them).

The selection of this pattern mostly came about due to me finding the perfect yarn in which to knit it up. Drops Belle is an absolutely gorgeous linen, viscose and cotton yarn, and the colour ‘dandelion’ really spoke to me – in fact, I actually want to buy more and just keep knitting with it, regardless of what I am actually knitting!

As the Eowyn blouse is designed to be worn in warm weather, it would make no sense to knit it in a heavy wool (unless I adapted the pattern to make a long sleeved version.. hmm. something to think about). Drops Belle yarn is wonderfully lightweight, and the linen content lends it a lovely marled, rustic look, whilst the viscose provides a good weight and drape to the yarn.

The pattern was straight forward to follow, and I think only took me about 10 days to complete. I did make a mistake – I didn’t check the length of the bodice and it turned out to be too short for my long torso. I didn’t realise this until I tried on the finished garment, so I decided to add length by replicating the ruffle detail utilised on the cuffs at the waistband. Ideally, I would have checked the length of the bodice prior to starting to shape the armholes, and added length into the bodice at that point. That said, I quite like the little ruffle detail on the hem, and it doesn’t look too out of place with the overall design.

It turned out that I had a little bit of yarn left-over, so I decided to knit a matching beret. The pattern is one I have used a few times, each time changing the yarn weight and/or needle size to try and get the pattern size exactly so. For this version, I used 3.5mm circular needles. The hat is knit top down, so I started off on two needles, knitting backwards and forwards, purling the wrong side.

For all of my knitting projects, I take notes as I go along on any alterations to the pattern, length changes, needle sizes used, yarn used, shade codes and amounts of yarn/number of balls used. I find this incredibly useful, as all my knitting information is in one place, rather than a series of notes scribbled on individual pattern print outs. With pattern notes in mind, I also make notes on Ravelry, you can find me here. 

I think I will be knitting up another Eowyn blouse, as it is such a lovely pattern. I just need to decide what colour to choose!


Until next time dears!

3 thoughts on “A Dandelion Eowyn Blouse for Summer

  1. Stina Ljung says:

    Lovely yellow and the yarn sounds so nice for summery knits.
    Another thought. If you try to knit this in wool, I think that you will find that it is actually warm enough with short sleeves. I have plenty of short sleeved sweaters knitted in wool, that I use throughout winter. I don’t freeze and I’m not even a warm blooded person. That is the wonder of wool!

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