Greetings gorgeous readers! I’m Jenny Spooner – very pleased to make your acquaintance.

The Story Of My Blog

I started this blog in 2014, primarily as a way to document my sewing ventures. The culmination of my blog actually started with the social media site Instagram, which I had joined a few months previously.  I found that whilst it was a brilliant platform to share and find inspiration, I wanted an online space that would give me more scope to write, present and curate. Henceforth, I have written pieces about vintage fashion, reproduction brands & labels, exhibitions & events I had attended and more, all here on my little space of the internet.

My Professional Life

Since graduating with a degree in Costume for the Stage and Screen, I have spent much of my professional life as a lingerie designer, and have also worked as a stylist, seamstress and writer.

For the past few years, I have worked as a vintage fashion writer and consultant. From 2016 through 2017 I produced weekly articles on early twentieth century fashion for American based website Vintage Dancer. Many of these articles are still available to view, below is a small example of some of the articles I produced.

An article I wrote for Vintage Dancer on 1940’s Jewellery Styles. Click the image to view the original piece.

A piece I produced for Vintage Dancer on creating vintage hairstyles. Click the image to be directed to the original article.

In addition to producing text, I also researched and edited accompanying images. This often involved creating picture collages, such as the Snow White inspired outfit below.

One of my favourite articles I produced – creating vintage looks inspired by Disney characters. Click the image to view the original article on Vintage Dancer.

I also work with brands as a consultant on vintage fashion, and have been writing for UK company Hotter shoes since 2015. In addition to this, articles I produced on fashion history have been printed in various issues of In Retrospect magazine.

A selection of some of my articles for Hotter Shoes.

A selection of my articles for Hotter Shoes.

Some of my articles published in In Retrospect magazine, issues no 8 & 9.

Articles published in In Retrospect magazine, issues no 8 & 9.

More recently, I have been working on my own fashion label, Whim & Weft where I design and make my own whimsical vintage-inspired designs. I also stock original vintage clothing and accessories, which I carefully hand-source from various hidden treasure troves and obscure alcoves.

An example of one of my own designs at Whim & Weft. Bias cut camisole, made from pure silk which I hand dyed and appliqued hand cut 1930’s lace at the neckline.

Interests & Hobbies

My love of clothing, costume, textiles and historical fashion began at a young age. I have been lucky enough to further my education and learning in these fields; both through academia, and the path my professional career has led me to. As a result of this, many of my hobbies and interests traverse my professional life. My writing and research roles often see me turning the delicate, aged pages of original magazines from the 1900s onwards, each page holding a faded memory of times gone by.

I have a sizable collection of original vintage sewing patterns, enabling me to recreate the styles of decades past authentically. A large portion of my spare time is spent at my sewing machine, recreating styles from the early 20th century to add to my wardrobe. I also work with modern day patterns, adding my own interpretations through colour and fabric choices to make the styles suit my vintage aesthetic.

In addition, I greatly enjoy visiting museums, exhibitions and historical sites/houses. I am always interested to attend talks on historical fashion and history, I believe one can never stop learning or absorbing information.

A Note About the Pictures on My Blog

Generally, I will only use pictures that I or Kieren have taken, therefore we own the copyright. As much as I love reading inspiration posts from bloggers which may feature an amalgamation of images gathered from various sources, this blog is not the place to find such posts. Occasionally I may include images from original magazines – again – which I actually physically own and have scanned the images in to use. Where I may include images from brands (which is a rarity), I have always asked permission and linked back to said brands/persons. In my costume in film series, I have taken the screen shots myself for the purpose of reviewing the movie(s) in question.

I tend to stick to this policy, as I feel it avoids any issues with image copyright etc that may arise.

I hope you enjoy the images here, 90% of which are taken by my wonderful other-half, Kieren (thank you Kieren!)

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