Featured on The Vintage Post

A few weeks ago, the lovely Trish Hunter asked me if I would like to do an interview for her site – The Vintage Post. As a regular reader of the site (indeed, one can spend many awhile reading all the fascinating interviews and insights from bloggers, entrepreneurs, and collectors alike) I of course jumped at the chance.

Trish’s questions were really well thought-out, and it did take me a good while pondering over my answers! As with all interviews that I have given, and even looking back at some of my posts here on my blog, it can feel a bit surreal.

As interviews and blog posts often show a very edited version of a persons life, it can sometimes feel like ‘is that really me?’

I’m sure I’m not the only blogger to feel like this every now and then. Sometimes when I am at my least glamorous (for example – when I am colouring my hair and have a plastic binliner on my head to contain the henna) I do giggle and think my gosh what a sight!

Here is a little quote from my interview –

To some extent, when you differ from the norm, people are going to look at you. Personally, I have always disliked this, and sometimes I still struggle with it and feel like I want to hide away.

What stops me from hiding away, is the fact that even though I may be uncomfortable with attention, I AM comfortable with my own personal style choices. I have belief in my ability to project a visual image of myself through clothing, hair and make-up, that, if questioned by a curious stranger, I can be confident in.

For more of my ramblings, and Trish’s excellent interview questions, visit The Vintage Post here. I also mention some of the wonderful people who inspire me, including some of the lovely people I follow on Instagram or elsewhere online.

Thank you to Trish for the opportunity to be featured on The Vintage Post!

Until next time dears xx

Why Do I Blog?

As I am coming up to my one year ‘blog-anniversary’; this is question I have been pondering upon lately. But; before I delve into this, I just want to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who viewed & liked my little ‘vlog’ (look at me getting down with the lingo!) Part of me was genuinely terrified to upload the film, but I decided to ‘bite the bullet’ and do it. I am SO GLAD I did, as you have all been so lovely, supportive and encouraging, so thank you for that!

Anyway, back to today’s topic: Why do I blog?

It started one day last June. I had made myself an outfit (you can view my first post here), and wanted to get some nice photographs taken of me in said outfit, to document it. I remember I had recently started to use Instagram a bit more during that time, but I found I wanted a platform in which I could upload & discuss pictures/sewing/fashion etc in more detail. Et viola! This blog was born.

From my very first blog post

From my very first blog post

During the same time, I was undergoing some major problems with my health, which I have touched upon in this post here. This meant that some days I would be doubled-up in agony, others I would be fainting & vomiting, and others I would be barely able to stand or move. In the midst of all this, I was backwards & forwards at the doctors and hospital having tests and consultations. I now have a diagnosis, although as it is a chronic condition, there is no known cure. This means I have what I call ‘good’ health days and ‘bad’ health days, usually on a 50/50 basis. Although sometimes if I have pushed myself too far on a ‘good’ health day, this will actually make things worse for me and I will have a succession of ‘bad’ health days as a result.

On the days when I am feeling fine; I really try to make the most of life and will either: work on my lingerie label, sew some clothing for myself, go on a bike ride along the seafront, mooch around the antique shops, or even just catch-up on the housework!

From a bicycle style blog post

From a bicycle style blog post

But on the ‘bad’ days, these often see me indoors, laying down and feeling completely useless and helpless, and like the whole world is ‘out there’ experiencing life without me. Of course, I know this to be untrue, and I have got a little bit better at handling my bad health days now (although I still get massively annoyed with myself if a bad health day mucks up my plans – but who wouldn’t?)

A very windy day on the seafront!

A very windy day on the seafront!

This is another reason why I blog. On my bad health days, if I am feeling strong enough, I can connect with the outside world at the swipe of my Tablet.

And I almost cannot put into words how important that lifeline is. At the end of last year, I had to undergo an operation (also due to my health condition), which saw me LITERALLY unable to sit up for about 10 days, and definitely unable to leave the house for 3 weeks. But I still kept this blog up to date. Why? To keep the connection going – my connection with the outside world, my connection with YOU dear readers!

From one of my more recent blog posts

From one of my more recent blog posts

That’s another amazing thing I have discovered through blogging. I have been able to ‘meet’ (in a virtual sense) so many wonderful, sweet, kind, like-minded people through this blog! People that live on the other side of the globe, and in all corners of the land.

So I hope that answers any questions about why I blog, now – why do you blog?

Until next time dears!