Red Joan – A Vintage Look Inspired By The Movie

Today's post is an inspired-by look from the movie Red Joan (in cinemas 19th April) where Sophie Cookson plays a young Joan Stanley, studying at Cambridge and working in a top secret facility during WWII. The movie is based on the novel of the same name by Jennie Rooney;  which in turn was inspired by the … Continue reading Red Joan – A Vintage Look Inspired By The Movie

Costume In Film: Populaire

Sometimes there is nothing better than settling down to watch a good movie, especially if the movie features beautiful costumes and sets. I had seen Populaire a few times, and with the handy assistance of screen-shots, I decided to put a little post together here. Directed by Regis Roinsard, the film was made in 2012. The movie … Continue reading Costume In Film: Populaire