Needlework Illustrated Rib Stripe Sweater

Today's post features one of my latest knits, a rib stitch stripe sweater from an 1940's issue of Needlework Illustrated. I completed this knit a few weeks ago, and since then have also completed another Eowyn Blouse from Fabel Knitwear, and a Date-Maker Cardigan (blog posts on those coming soon). I was attracted to this … Continue reading Needlework Illustrated Rib Stripe Sweater

A Dandelion Eowyn Blouse for Summer

Today's post features my latest completed knit, the Eowyn Blouse by Fabel Knitwear. Yes, it is yet another Fabel Knitwear pattern! I think this is the forth pattern that I have knitted by Fabel Knitwear, and the fifth garment (I knitted two Juniper Jackets, see this post here for one of them). The selection of … Continue reading A Dandelion Eowyn Blouse for Summer