Annotations of Jenny is a direct reflection of my interests and passions. I usually publish blog posts on average 2-3 times per month, although of course sometimes this varies depending on how much spare time I have, and whether I have anything to blog about! I only produce blog posts that I am genuinely excited to share with my audience – there are no ‘filler’ blog posts here.

I have previously featured collaborations from accessory designers, fashion brands, sewing pattern companies, magazines and more.

If you are looking to reach an audience and readership with a strong interest in vintage fashion, sewing, vintage hairstyling and beauty –  get in touch with me on

To discuss rates for commissioning me for writing work outside of my blog; please send enquiries to:

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Selection of brands I have collaborated with:

How to do Fashion sewing patterns – view posts here & here

True Bird Vintage hair accessories – view the original post here

Emmy Design Sweden – view the original post here

Heyday! Vintage Style Clothing – view the original post here

The Seamstress of Bloomsbury – view the original post here

In Retrospect Magazine – view the original post here

Hotter Shoes – view the original post here

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!