Hotter Shoes Style Series – Village Brogues for a 1930s Style

Following on from my 1920s piece with Valetta Heels, my next Style Series post for Hotter Shoes features the Village Brogues in a 1930s styled look.

Whilst heels makes me feel feminine and elegant, flat shoes make me feel like I am capable of anything. Combining elements of classic masculine tones, the Village Brogues by Hotter Shoes are the perfect balance of practicality and style.

For this look, I was inspired by simple classic lines of the later 1930s. I chose to wear an original CC41 skirt (which is of course 1940s. But it certainly has elements of 1930s in its central pleat and straight cut).

I teamed the skirt with an original 1930s jacket – THOSE BUTTONS. I was first drawn to the colour of the jacket – because I love yellow. It’s my absolute favourite colour. But then my eyes absorbed the amazing buttons and I was in love.

As the weather was still a tad chilly when we took these pictures, I decided to team the Village Brogues with a pair of cosy cashmere stockings. I recently discovered a wonderful shop on Etsy, Foot Fetish Socks. These particular stockings are hand cranked on a 1900s machine, from a pattern of around the same era. Lately, I tend to prefer stockings rather than any other type of hosiery; as they work so much better with early 20th century lingerie (which is no surprise, as stockings were the main form of hosiery during that era).

Outfit Details

Whilst I have a few pairs of loafers from Hotter Shoes, these are my first pair of brogues. They are so comfortable, my feet felt protected and cushioned all day long! I can definitely see these being a firm favourite, and the chocolate multi tone blends perfectly with many items in my wardrobe.

To read more about the Village Brogues, and to see some of my historical references when putting together this outfit, see my full article over on the Hotter Shoes Blog; It’s a Shoe Thing here.

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Until next time dears!


Hotter Shoes Style Series – A 1930s Look With Beverley Boots & Redwood Brogues

As the weather turns decidedly chilly and Christmas approaches, the final instalment in my Hotter Shoes Style Series for this season is now live! In this instalment, both Kieren and I style outfits to suit a 1930s look; featuring the Beverley Boots and the Redwood Brogues.

We were lucky enough to be able to shoot these pictures at the Horsted Keynes station of the Bluebell Railway, one quiet Sunday morning. Both Kieren and I had lots of fun styling these outfits, indeed for us there was not much styling required; as we wear clothing from this era most of the time!

I made my skirt, which you can read about in this post here. I also made Kieren’s trousers, and have since made him a few pairs from the same pattern.

Outfit Details

(Most of Kieren’s items omitted, due to not recalling their origins. If I have omitted articles from my outfit also, it is for the same reason!)


  • Earrings – Splendette (purchased as on my computer monitor they looked to be a match for the green of my Beverley boots, but when they arrived they are actually bright peacock blue. I like them anyway, and wear them frequently!)
  • Scarf – Vintage
  • Top – Charity Shop years ago
  • Skirt & Matching Belt – Made by me
  • Boots – C/O Hotter Beverley Deep Teal


To read the full Style Series article, visit the Hotter Shoes Blog; It’s a Shoe Thing here.

To view my previous Style Series posts for Hotter Shoes, check out this category here.

Many thanks to Hotter Shoes for this wonderful opportunity, I have thoroughly enjoyed writing & curating my Style Series articles! Many thanks also to the wonderful staff at the Bluebell Railway. Kieren and I loved being able to utilise the beautiful Horsted Keynes station in these pictures (even if it was a rather chilly morning!)

Until next time dears!