Reproduction Vintage Hats with The Heritage Milliner

I really believe that accessories can go a long way to making an outfit complete. Hats have the power to elevate an outfit, providing that all important final flourish. Original vintage hats in good condition can sometimes be difficult to obtain, which is why reproduction hats are so appealing.

The Heritage Milliner is a UK based label, specialising in authentically styled women’s hats. Owner of the label Karen, produces hats based on vintage styles, with particular focus on the 1930s and 1940s.

As the owner of a few original vintage hats, I know how difficult it can be to find particular styles. Original pieces can sometimes be distorted out of shape, trims may be missing or damaged, and (usually the case with earlier styles of the 1920s); the fit may be extremely small. However, choosing a style of hat from the Heritage Milliner was a completely different experience for me. Firstly, Karen worked with me in order to decide on the style, main colour, trims, and any additional design details.

If you have an outfit or colour in mind that you would like to match – the Heritage Milliner can make that possible! I actually met Karen in ‘real life’, at the Festival of Vintage up in York. Whilst at the festival, I purchased a 1940s suit jacket in a lovely duck egg blue. I showed Karen the jacket, and decided that it would be so lovely to have a hat to match – so we designed a hat together! The end result is absolutely beautiful – but that is perhaps for another blog post a bit later on.

For this hat, I thought it would be a good idea to keep the trims minimal, and to stick to harmonising tones. The russet shade works beautifully with many colours – navy, as pictured, browns, yellows, greens, etc etc. I was tempted to go for a yellow hat (OF COURSE I WAS. I am obsessed with yellow after all), but I then thought it would be a better idea to go for a tone that I knew would work across the board.

This particular hat is called the Winnie style, fashioned from russet felt with brandy petersham trimming. As this style of hat is intended to perch on the head, there is elastic on the inside in order to secure it in place. I must admit, I was dubious about the elastic, as I have never really found it to be useful in my other hats. BUT – somehow Karen has figured out the perfect placement and length of the elastic to make it an excellent fit! I placed a hair grip either side of the elastic just to ensure it didn’t slip, and finished with a hat pin (which I purchased from Karen).

I highly recommend having a look at the Heritage Milliner’s website & store (details below). The quality of this hat and indeed the other hat I ordered are incredible. Currently, there are some styles ready-made available from the Heritage Milliner’s eBay store. For custom orders, allow 2-3 weeks. As I was unsure on what design or type of trimming I wanted for this hat & my other one, I let Karen decide to go ahead with whatever she thought would look best. Both hats look incredible, and – Karen encourages each customer to be unique and individual. This warms my heart, as part of the allure of true vintage is the level of uniqueness it affords. The Heritage Milliner allows customers to express their individual style & tastes – using high quality materials and techniques. I for one, shall definitely be placing more orders in the future!

The Heritage Milliner Details

  • Find the Heritage Milliner’s website here
  • eBay store here
  • Interview with Karen at 12mins.24secs in here (For mobile devices, view here instead)

Outfit Details

And lastly, I couldn’t resist including this picture of Kieren and I (the advantages of having a self-timer on the camera!) Kieren is wearing a beautifully tailored suit from Chester Cordite. Earlier in the year, we visited Chester Cordite’s HQ to sort out Kieren’s wedding suit. We were so impressed with the quality, cut and workmanship of the suits & shirts, that Kieren ordered this additional suit (the wedding suit has been squirreled away until the wedding!)

Disclaimer – the hat pictured and featured in this blog post I received in exchange for review purposes. The additional hat mentioned I purchased myself, and as mentioned, I’m sure I will be purchasing more in the future!

Until next time dears!

Hotter Shoes Style Series – Wiltshire Shoes for a 1940s Style

In my final Hotter shoes style series piece for this season, I style the Wiltshire shoes to suit a 1940s casual look.

Whilst I do thoroughly enjoy putting in extra effort in my attire for specific events, my daily attire tends to lean towards the casual end of the vintage spectrum. As mentioned in my previous post, I like to be able to actually wear, enjoy and move freely in my vintage (or vintage inspired) clothing, as such it is important for me to feel comfortable.

As soon as I saw these fabulous Wiltshire shoes by Hotter, I knew they would be perfectly suited to a 1940s casual summertime inspired look. The colour, T-bar style and low heel all immediately evoke summertime picnics, bicycle rides along sun dappled lanes, and countryside strolls in the long summer evenings.

I decided to style the Wiltshire shoes with a casual yet nicely fitted cardigan jacket which I actually found in the sale section from Collectif. The cut of the cardigan appealed to me, and I was even more impressed upon consulting the care label to see it was 100% cotton. I teamed the cardigan jacket with a late 1940s style skirt by the Seamstress of Bloomsbury. I just adore the print and colours in this skirt, so bright and joyful!

To finish the look, I added a vintage straw hat which I have had for a few years. The original trimming and ribbon on the hat was very damaged and worn, so I replaced both the flowers and ribbon for those that you can see here in the pictures.

As with all the shoes I own from Hotter, the Wiltshire are very comfortable to wear. I am really looking forward to wearing these in the summer, perhaps for those bicycle rides/countryside strolls and picnics I mentioned!

As this is my final Style Series piece for this season of Hotter Shoes, I would like to say a big thank you to the team at Hotter Shoes for this opportunity. And of course, thank you to you for reading!

To read more about the Wiltshire shoes, and to see some of my historical references when putting together this outfit, see my full article over on the Hotter Shoes Blog; It’s a Shoe Thing here.

Outfit Details

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Until next time dears!